Canadian moose on the loose

Friday, Sept. 3/Saturday, Sept. 4 (They kind of run together with the time change)

Today is the day! We’ve been talking about this for a long time – sometimes, a little too much – and now we’re finally doing it. But still, it doesn’t feel real.

Nevertheless, our check-list is complete, so when the reality kicks in that we’ve left our jobs, friends and family, we are ready. We have our shots, passports, photocopies of passports, our bags are packed (with clothes for every season and fashion emergency), we’ve alerted our banks, said good-bye to friends and now it’s time for some last-minute family cram-time.

Matt and I stayed at separate houses last night– Matt in Chilliwack, myself in White Rock. We met at my mom’s this morning to take a car to the airport. It ended up being a limo – we’ve set the tone for some high-class backpacking.

After a tearful goodbye at gate D, the waterworks started up during take off – not the ugly cry, just a few tears. When I saw the soccer fields and stone walls of England I cried again. And upon our arrival at Manchester airport, where my friends stood waiting, Matt cried. Ok, it was me – I am a huge baby. My friends Rachel, Hayley and Julie had roses, crowns and a poster that said:


2 Rare Canadian Moose’s

Names: Ashley & Matt

Distinct Odour: Cheesy feet


After dropping our bags off at our friend Rachel’s flat, where we were lucky enough to stay, our first stop was to the pub and then to Tesco to buy some groceries. They had such an amazing selection of gluten-free food, which made me really happy, and really cheap beer (24 tallies for $30 Canadian), which made Matt even happier.

That night (following a nap) we went out for a night on the town, which was amazing. We woke up to find a pile of burnt ashes on the lawn outside of our window. Apparently there was a domestic and some women set fire to a pile of her boyfriend’s clothes. An entertaining 24 hours to say the least.


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