Hostel Life

Monday, Sept. 20

OK, this post is about hostelling (it’s now a verb).  Matt and I are getting into the daily hostel grind and learning this new way of life. Here’s a quick overview:

First – the bathrooms. Make sure you wear flip-flops. In our particular bathroom (which is shared between six of us) the shower and the toilet are facing each other – the shower is literally over the toilet. It’s all tile because everything gets wet – if you want it to or not. The toilet paper, the built in hair dryer, the garbage can and so on. Some very elegant roommates of ours have taken to shaving their backs (God, I hope it’s their backs) over the open toilet seat. It’s lovely.

Second – the sleeping arrangements. The bunk beds are crammed so close together that you can reach out and touch the person across from you. Matt was terrified to wake up and see a South African with a ponytail facing him. At least he’s had consistency – I’ve had a new person looking at me each night.

Third – the food. This hostel has an amazing breakfast included in the hostel price. I’ve been having an omelette with butter and marmalade with a glass of chai tea each morning. (I actually just clued in that the butter and marmalade is supposed to be used for the basket of bread they give us – but because I can’t eat the bread I thought it was supposed to go on the eggs. Now I love it.)

Matt’s options have been larger – there’s French toast, a Turkish breakfast (veggies, eggs, cheese and bread), crepes  and more.

Unfortunately, we allowed to cook at this hostel. So we’ve been forced to buy our food everyday – which is really starting to add up.Luckily, the food in Turkey is really good. We’ve been eating a lot of beef, chicken and rice. Today we opted for a cheap dinner and went to the market to buy some fresh fruit and veggies – which was much needed. Everything here is very oily and greasy, so it was a nice change. We made some salad and Matt made a veggie sandwich. And we shared a Snickers bar for dessert 🙂

Third – there’s the people. So far we have a South African friend (the one Matt falls asleep staring at), two Americans, an Irish man and two people from Vancouver Island. We only just met them like 5 minutes ago, but they are now automatically our friends.

Fourth – the packing. Matt has been vigorously packing and re-packing our bag everyday – sweating in the process. Because we don’t have lockers we have to pack everything, lock it up and then attach it to our bedpost. It might be paranoid, but we don’t care. Better safe than sorry. The only problem is, I keep remembering that I need something out of my bag once Matt’s finished the packing. So now we are writing a list of things for the day, and checking it off. It’s been a huge help – unless I forget to write something down.

So overall, we’ve come to appreciate many things that we took for granted at home, like a home cooked meal and the freedom to get ready at your own pace and volume without the fear of waking others up. But at the same time, we’re grateful for some things that would be frowned upon at home – like sleeping in an outfit and then wearing it for an entire day.


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