Water bottles from the first A.D.

Wednesday, Sept. 15

Yesterday and today we spent more time at the beach.

I’ve already received a horrible burn. I look like a map of the world – the continents are the white patches and the sea is the bright red area.  I even used SPF 50 and it didn’t help. I think the spray-on sunscreen only works on the bits you spray, not where you rub it in. Overall, I’ve concluded that Turkey is the worst place on earth to build up a base tan.

Anyway, we’ve also been exploring the local ruins – some of the structures were built in the first A.D. They are completely open for tourists – which means there’s a ton of litter, mainly water bottles. Matt was in heaven trying to figure out how they were built and how they are still standing.

Tonight we went to a quiz night – it’s an English tradition they’ve carried on for tourists. Basically, everyone gathers at the pub and forms small teams. The quiz-master then proceeds to ask a slew or ridiculously difficult questions. I knew one answer; I think Matt knew half an answer. Needless to say, we lost.

One last note – tonight I discovered that my winter colour is the same as my summer colour. I’m talking about make-up. Rachel has two shades of make-up with her until she builds up her tan. I tried on her winter colour and it was still too dark for me. Currently, I’m using the same makeup that I bought last winter. Hopefully, not for long.


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