Soap operas and Seinfeld

Saturday, Sept. 25

Last night we took an overnight bus from Cappadocia to Pamukkale. It was rough. I think we slept in 15-minute increments. We were lucky enough to get the only two seats with no leg room, directly in front of a blaring TV. Thankfully, a Turkish soap opera was playing.

Even though I had no idea what they were saying, I figured it out pretty quickly. The pretty girl, who was famous, was having an affair with her teacher. Meanwhile, the teacher was ogling his beautiful secretary. The twist – the secretary was actually his ex-wife in disguise.  Apparently, a black wig and glasses work wonders. Across town, a man in a plaid shirt and suspenders was stalking a woman who owned a café. It was a good show.

Anyway, we eventually arrived in Pammukale at about 8 a.m. After walking around we discovered that it is a one-horse town. Or a one trick pony. We didn’t know the proper cliché. Either way, it’s beautiful.

Pamukkale, which means “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a natural site of hot springs and terraces. It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The terraces are made of carbonate minerals, making it look like a mixture of snow and ice. It was mind boggling and confusing to see. For something like this, Matt and I didn’t mind paying the ridiculous surcharge to enter.

Beyond the mineral aspect of the area, there were also some ancient ruins, including an amphitheatre and church. For the suckers who felt they didn’t pay enough to walk around the springs, there was a pool with healing waters. Matt and I had a glance at it and decided we’d rather eat some rice and beef.

Upon leaving the attraction, we explored the town. There were about four streets, some restaurants, a few tourism shops selling bus tickets and a million post card vendors. Matt was accosted by a group of small girls selling post cards, and he caved – I think it was out of fear, but he claims he felt bad.

Later, we set off in search of Aloe Vera (I discovered a new shade of red today) and found it for 25 Turkish Lira. We invested in a bottle of red wine instead. Our evening turned into a hunt for some low class American TV – Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, the websites that broadcast shows at home don’t work in Europe. We were also told that you’re not allowed to use You Tube in Turkey. Thankfully, we found a Seinfeld episode on the Internet – the one where Eileen has the Botticelli shoes. It was a beautiful evening.


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