A picture-free post. You’ll thank me later.

Friday, Oct. 1

So that whole idea of a romantic getaway has been flushed down the toilet. Instead, Matt and I have received a lovely dose of food poisoning. Matt wasn’t feeling good yesterday, but today we are both out of commission. We had to check out of our hotel this morning and have literally been hanging around the lobby, afraid to venture too far, and hoping we don’t get kicked out.

Our ferry doesn’t leave until 9:40 p.m., so we have some time to kill. It’s an 11-hour overnight ferry to Athens. From there, we have a three-hour lay-over and then a five-hour ride to Mykonos.

We’re excited to get to Mykonos because we’ve booked an apartment with a kitchen. We hope that cooking for ourselves will make us feel better and save us some money.

So far today, we’ve ventured out only to buy a snack. On the way back to the hotel, we bought some fruit from a lady with two teeth. She also didn’t speak a word of English. She ran out of her store at us, handed us some grapes and started filling a bag of fruit for us. We figured we should have some for the ferry ride anyway – but this lady was out of control. I had to take about four pieces of fruit out of the bag because she was just throwing in whatever she wanted.

Now, we’re just killing time, hoping for 9:40 p.m. to roll around so we can sleep on the roof-top of the ferry (something we didn’t understand until after we bought our tickets). That sounds like the perfect cure for food poisoning.


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