Santorini – swing and a miss

Saturday, Oct. 9

So – we decided to leave Greece a few days earlier than planned.

We made the decision on the island of Santorini. While it had some beautiful areas, one bad experience ruined it all.

On Wednesday night we ventured down the road to a local pub. We went with a girl named Rochelle, from Australia, who we befriended in Turkey.

She came over to our hostel with two of her roommates – a 100-pound Indonesian guy and a quiet girl from New Zealand. We went out, danced on the empty dance floor and then decided to call it a night.

That’s when it hit the fan.

The only explanation I have for what happened – and this is just a guess because it was out of the blue – was this: the bartender thought Matt was trying to pick up Rochelle.

Apparently, only a day after meeting each other, Rochelle and the bartender were in love. So, being the noble stud that he was, the bartender had to protect her from this strange, bearded Canadian man.

What followed was probably the most terrifying experience of my life. (We’re not trying to freak anyone out here. Now that we’re all OK, we thought we should tell it as it happened.)

The bartender and five of his friends started circling us like prey, yelling things like, “Get out my country,” and, “I’m going to kill you.”

They were all pushing and shoving, trying to get to Matt, who was in the centre of the circle. They looked like a group of kids throwing temper tantrums – heaving, spitting, shouting, stomping and snorting. It was the most animalistic thing I’ve ever seen. At the same time, it was like a cartoon watching Matt dodge punches from every angle.

Somehow, we got out of the pub unharmed and headed home as quickly as possible.

But, half way down the street, the largest of the Greek guys ran at us. Literally – sprinted.

It was a blur.

In the end, I stepped away from my feminine side and turned towards my Surrey roots and swung at him. The whole night Matt kept his cool, knowing he had to protect two girls, and then – BAM – he turns around and I’ve clocked this guy across the face. Matt got in one good shot and it was over. Thank God.

We ended up in bed, shaking, wanting to get the heck out of Greece.

(Honestly, we’re not trying to scare anyone with this – we just want to keep it honest. And don’t worry, we learned a huge lesson.)

We wanted to leave Santorini the next morning but had already paid for our hostel.

Instead, we rented a car and drove around the island. It was a beautiful, rainy day. The red beach was red, the black beach was black. That was about it.

On Saturday we spent the afternoon in Fira, killing time before our overnight ferry to Athens.

Fira, the capital city, was beautiful. It looked exactly like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – actually, it might have even been filmed there.

That night we watched the sun set in Oia – a really popular thing for tourists. We sat on the side of a house and watched the sun fall behind the clouds, along with about 400 other people.

While Fira and Oia were beautiful, we are so excited to get out of Santorini and go to Italy.

Goodbye tzatziki, hello pizza! (Probably not gluten-free pizza, but I can dream.)


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