The calf of the Italian boot

Monday, Oct. 2

Matt and I have arrived in the calf of the Italian boot – Le Marche (pronounced Le Markay).

After waking up at 5:30 a.m. to catch our 8 a.m. bus, we took a four-hour ride through the Italian countryside.

The fields resemble the patchwork of Chilliwack, mixed with the hills of the Okanagan. It’s dotted with beautiful brick cabins, tractors and sheep.

After three and a half hours, Matt and I started getting anxious about seeing our new home.

So we turned on some Creedence Clearwater Revival.

While jamming out to Midnight Special, I caught a glimpse of the Adriatic Sea. I jabbed Matt in the ribs and we both dropped our jaws in awe.

The waves were crashing against the sandy coloured rocks with impressive force. The water itself was a surprising bright blue-turquoise and the beach was white.

The scenery quickly changed as we started rolling through the Medieval villages that Le Marche is known for.

Our house sitter picked us up at the bus stop and kissed us three times each – an Italian thing – before escorting us to our new home.

Holy smokes – Matt and I feel like we’re staying in a five-star hotel. Better yet, it’s free.

The house is five levels. There’s about six bedrooms and five bathrooms. Downstairs, there’s a theatre, sauna and massage room. Much of the property is unfinished (unfortunately, that includes the sauna).

There’s another two cabins outside, along with a two-storey house. All of them are still untouched.

From our room, we have a view of the entire valley.

In the summer, the fields are filled with wheat and sunflowers. Because it’s late October, the fields are brown and scattered with leaves.

During the day, we can see the three closest villages across the valley. They’re all positioned on separate hill tops.

At night, we can see their castles and churches light up.

I think we’re going to love it here.


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