The Chilliwack Alps

Saturday, Nov. 13 2010

Today, Matt and I ventured for another hike. This time, a three-hour downhill effort. While the trail was easier than the last one, it was just as tiring.

We started the morning by returning to Laterbrunnen to explore the beautiful waterfall we spotted earlier this week.

We found a path that took us up the mountain and behind the water, providing us with a beautiful view of the village.

From there, we took a tiny, old-fashioned train to Kleine Scheigg. It’s one stop before Jungfraujoch, the highest point in Europe. (Jungfraujoch is 3,454 metres, 11,330 feet.)

Considering it cost an extra 100 CHF each to continue to the top, we decided to take in the beauty of Kleine Scheigg instead. The train station was tiny and quaint, positioned amongst the mountain tops.

From there, we started a three-and-a-half-hour downhill hike to Grindewald.

Calling it a hike is a bit of an exaggeration. It was more of an intense walk down a logging road. But it was breathtaking. And it looked just like home. We felt like we were walking down Chilliwack Lake Road, but in the Alps.

We’ve come to appreciate B.C. and Chilliwack so much during this trip. Realizing that people travel across the world to see something we have on our doorstep is amazing.

Tonight we’re preparing for Ireland.

After taking a train to Zurich in the morning, we have a quick flight to Dublin. From there, we have a short bus ride to Belfast, where we will stay with my friend Catherine (we stayed with her in Kent, London as well).

On Thursday we’ll be taking an eight-hour ferry to Liverpool, England.

And one week tomorrow we’ll be catching our flights to New Zealand.

We’re beyond excited and anxious for New Zealand. But we’re trying to focus on the next week so we can truly appreciate our last few days in Ireland and England.


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