Burns and blisters

Saturday, Nov. 27

Now this is New Zealand.

Matt and I have spent the past two days at a hostel overlooking 2.5 km of white sand and turquoise sea.

We’re at Onetangi beach on Waiheke Island (pronounced Why-he-key).

The island is a quick 30-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland, but we would have travelled well over a day to get here.

Waiheke is wonderful. It’s colourful and hot, the people are extremely kind and the views can’t be done justice with a simple photograph.

The island is packed with wineries (all within stumbling distance from one another), green hills, dread-locked hippies and holiday homes for the rich. Matt and I saw a small plot of empty land yesterday worth $1.5 million.

The landscape and laid-back lifestyle reminds us of Tofino. A very rich Tofino, with funky trees.

So far, the weather has been great, reaching nearly 30 degrees two days in a row.

Apparently November is never this hot, so we’re anticipating a very warm summer.

After only a few minutes in the sun, we were already sporting burns.

Our feet have also been adjusting to the sudden change from winter to summer. We have major blisters between our toes from our flip-flops. (Although, I know no one will be feeling sorry for us.)

So far we’ve spent some time at the beach sipping on locally brewed apple cider (you’re allowed to drink in public), visited the grocery store and hit up the local market.

There, Matt had an amazing sandwich and I had delicious gluten free cookie. (New Zealand has an abundance of yummy gluten free food!)

So, as you can tell, it’s been a pretty simple weekend – but we’ve loved it.

We have two more weeks here and can’t wait to explore.


4 thoughts on “Burns and blisters

  1. Hey Ashley. Ive never been to Waiheke island but we have friends that live in Maraetai which is a beach community a short ferry ride from Auckland as well. Yes the sun is a scorcher down there and you can burn real fast. Keep the blog posts comming with TONS of pictures!! As homesick as it makes me its so wonderful hearing about someones discoveries of the country that i LOVE.

    Have fun!!

    • Thanks so much Leah! If you have any tips for us on where to go, let me know! We’d love to hear them! We are renting a camper van on Dec 14 and driving around for four weeks! We pick it up in Christchurch and end in Auckland. We are so excited! But for the meantime, we love Waiheke. When you come back again, you should definitely visit. Hopefully you’ll be back in the next year and we can all meet up! xo

  2. Hey guys!Pics look great
    I’m not gonna lie, I just got very teary eyed when looking at these pics, because I wanna be there so badly! I wanna be a dread-locked hippie living on the beach in a small shack making enough just to feed me and my soul!

    CAn’t wait to hear more about how things are going. How long are you on that island for?

    • Hey Stephy! We’re here for two weeks. We’re doing a work exchange for a free place to stay. I’m going to write about it in the next post. We have some serious wineries to hit up in the next 14 days!! I will take tons of pics for you. I miss you loads! xo

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