Living in tomorrow

Wedneday, Nov. 23 (In Canada- Tuesday Nov. 22)

I feel like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future.

Auckland, New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of Vancouver. That’s going to take some getting used to, as will the jet lag.

Our one-hour flight from Manchester to London, the four-hour layover, the 15-hour flight to Hong Kong, followed by another 11-hour journey, has done some emotional damage.

Matt and I feel abused and exhausted.

We’re 12 hours ahead of the last time zone we were in, so the jet lag is kicking in at all hours.

So far, our only impression of New Zealand is based on downtown Auckland.

For the next few days, our view is of an oversized Santa and two reindeer stuck to the side of the skyscraper across the street.

The few observations we’ve made between sleeping and eating:

People are allowed to jaywalk.

Everything is extremely expensive.

We’re excited to get out of the city and onto the beaches.


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