The mind games of Europe

Sunday, Nov. 21

Well – we made it to England in one piece, but we’re leaving just shattered.

We forgot how much the English like to drink, dance and eat.

Our livers, stomachs and egos are in need of some TLC.

Nevertheless, we had a great few days with our friends before setting off to New Zealand.

We can’t believe we are already heading to the land of the kiwi.

In the three months that have whizzed by, we’ve learned how to backpack.

We’ve created a flawless system of who should do what, when and how.

There’s been no arguing, pick pocketing or regrets. (Knock on wood those things don’t change.)

Not only did we see some amazing sights, but we also had a lot of time to think.

We had hours alone with ourselves on buses, travelling through the deserted countryside of Turkey, the rocky edges of the Greek islands and the hills of Italy, pondering what we want out of life.

It sounds easy, but it’s a struggle.

The surprising mind games you put yourself through has been the hardest part of travelling.

Every so often, we’d find ourselves second-guessing our decision to backpack. We’d be tormenting ourselves with unfair questions because we had nothing else to do.

Should we go home now?

Why did we leave great jobs and a cozy house to eat rice and sleep in random beds?

Are we being completely irresponsible?

But the doubts have only made our desire to travel even stronger.

All that thinking has also helped us develop a new appreciation for our friends and family, and for Canada.

Of all the places we visited, Switzerland was without a doubt our favourite.

It’s bizarre to think we travelled across the world to see new places and experience different cultures, and the one country we favoured was the one that most resembled British Columbia.

We’re confident that we’re going to love New Zealand. Hopefully that will put our minds at ease for the next 30 hours of travelling.


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