A sweet as deal

Monday, Nov. 28

Environmentally friendly is our lifestyle for the next two weeks.

Matt and I have left our hostel to become woofers at an eco lodge down the street.

Woofers are people who do odd jobs around a property, like gardening or building.

The bed and breakfast is amazing.

Our room is detached from the building. It’s a tiny, blue, tin-hut. Basically, we’re living in a shed hidden in the trees. We sleep under a purple bug net because of the spiders in our roof.

The backyard of the eco lodge is phenomenal. It looks like we’ve been plunked in the middle of the Panama jungle.

The trees are bright green, thick and tropical. The foreign birds pipe up first thing every morning, imitating an orchestra throughout the day.

The B&B is connected to the home of the family running the place.

The entire facility was made from recycled materials, including plastic, wood and aluminum.

We’re using rainwater for our showers and drinking water. (It’s been filtered, of course.)

The owners of the B&B are really interesting and inspirational.
Sue, the wife, opened the first sushi restaurants in England.

The husband, Dave, is a five-start chef. He supervises the kitchens of local wineries and restaurants, caters weddings and is being flown to America by a millionaire next year to cook for NASCAR’s year-end party.

Funnily enough, the sandwich that Matt bough at Saturday’s market was cooked by Dave. In his spare time, he runs a burger van. We didn’t recognize him at first because his dreadlocks were tucked into his hat when he was working.

Matt has been most impressed by Dave’s tool shed – it’s been transformed into a brewery.

Working two hours a day allows us to stay here for free.

We’re assigned chores every morning, like vacuuming or mowing the lawn. And once we’re done work, we’re free to use the bikes and kayaks to explore Waiheke Island.

Using some local lingo: this is going to be “sweet as.”


2 thoughts on “A sweet as deal

  1. Wow that sounds like the best deal ever!!
    Sounds like the owners are real cool people as well. I’m googlin’ woofers, basically to understand what it is that you two are doing.

    When do you get your van? should be quite soon now eh?

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