Any given Sunday

Sunday, Dec. 5

I always knew I would get a tan one day.

I just never thought it would happen while sitting on the beach, listening to Jingle Bells.

It’s been an odd December.

The other day we had to buy hats so our scalps wouldn’t burn. We also invested in even more sunscreen.

Feeling all summer-y, we attempted to make some sushi. It ended up being one of the tastiest meals we’ve prepared yet.

Another great thing happened this afternoon – we found out that our woofing hours are done.

Last night we did some babysitting, which counted as a full day of work. Personally, I think it equalled at least a week’s worth.

We’ve decided kids are not in our near future – sorry Jana.

These two boys, aged six and nine, had to be kept separate for almost the entire night.

I watched as the six-year-old peed himself on the trampoline, and listened as the older one mouthed me off for supporting Manchester United and not Chelsea.

(Note to self: Never bribe kids with a movie. Somehow, their volume increases by about 70 per cent.)

Tonight we also picked up our rental car.

Driving up and down the hilly roads of Waiheke Island, we laughed at the people riding their bikes. Well, Matt did. I believe in karma.

Between his laughter, Matt adjusted to the country’s driving style.

He ended up on the wrong side of the road while there was a car heading in the proper direction. Unfortunately, it was a cop. But I think our frantic smiling and waving gave us away as tourists.

Not a huge few days by any means, but a great few days nonetheless.


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