Woofing like dogs

Friday, Dec. 2

Matt and I have been working like dogs.

Woofing is officially not our thing.

I don’t have a problem with putting in a few hours of hard work. Even if it is manual labour. I just don’t enjoy being summoned as, “Hey – you. Woofer,” by an obnoxious nine-year-old boy.

In addition to the endless mosquito bites, I found out that I spent an hour knee-deep in the weeds that Matt peed on the night before.

But I think Matt has it worse.

Since it’s been found out that he’s a carpenter, he’s been worked to the bone. (Carpenters are like gold dust over here. Journalists on the other hand – pshh. What’s that?) He’s built an entire patio with minimal tools and me as his lackie (I feel even more sorry for him based on the latter).

Anyway, between shifts we’ve taken a few excursions.

We’ve been riding bikes around the hilly island (something else I wasn’t born to do), kayaking and frolicking on the beach. But above all, we’ve been eating like kings.

Now that we can cook in peace, without 40 other backpackers in the kitchen, and we can store our groceries in a fridge without them being stolen, we’ve been preparing some delightful home-cooked meals.

Breakfast has been an array of omelettes, kiwi, pineapple and strawberries.

Lunch includes just as much fruit, sided with a freshly made sandwich.

But dinner is always the highlight. So far we’ve had an amazing lamb leg, some lime and pepper chicken and a delicious curry.

They’ve all been accompanied by a colourful salad, topped with avocado, tomato and goat cheese.

It has been heaven.

Another huge highlight: we have a TV.

It’s been three months since we’ve been able to watch a movie in bed. And it’s something we’ve missed dearly.

While the movie selection is primarily British films from the ’60s, we’ve managed to find two gems – Icon and King Solomon’s Mines. Both are old school Patrick Swayze flicks.

Our 12 inch screen is just perfect when accompanied by some homemade popcorn.

In the long run, 12 inches of Swayze is enough to make a day of woofing worth while.


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