Under the sea

Monday, Dec. 6

Ariel is my hero.

You know – the Disney mermaid.

If only I could breathe underwater with such grace, my life would be complete.

That skill would have come in handy this morning when Matt and I did our first scuba diving course.

Well, I wouldn’t call what I did scuba diving.

I flapped around near the surface of the water with a fully inflated BCD (buoyancy control device). Matt skimmed the ground with the (beautiful) scuba instructor, looking at starfish and other sea life.

Matt loved it. I absolutely hated it.

I couldn’t breathe properly because I was freaking out and I didn’t fully understand the equipment. Also, the water was dirty and murky, so we only had minimal visibility.

I don’t know if 8:45 on a Monday morning is too early for me to concentrate, or if I just need colour-coded pictures to help me understand directions.

Following our session, where we both received our discover scuba certificates, we hit the beach with a few litres of cider and some beer to discuss whether or not I could complete the full PADI open water dive course.

I flipped through a textbook the instructor gave me, literally designed for kids, and I think I can hack it.

My inspiration: We’re going to go to Fiji for two weeks in January if we both pass.


2 thoughts on “Under the sea

    • Following this comment, your coolness level has increased by 10 points. I didn’t think it was possible. I am the most ashamed Harry Potter fan for not thinking of it first. I’m losing my touch 😦 I will most definetely be kicked out of Gryffindor . Dammit!

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