Diving and driving

Wednesday, Dec. 8

OK, so I chickened out. Well, kind of.

After much deliberation, Matt and I have decided we won’t be doing our PADI open water dive course in New Zealand.

Instead, we’re going to go to Fiji to take the course.

We’re hoping for January.

Apparently the clear water and beautiful sea life makes Fiji one of the best places in the world to dive.

I think it will create a more positive experience for the both of us.

So with that stress off my shoulders, Matt and I spent yesterday driving around Waiheke Island.

We took in some breathtaking views and drove past a handful of olive groves and wineries (unfortunately they were all closed) before ending up at Stony Batter.

Stony Batter is a historic area from the Second World War located on the island’s most eastern end.

Above ground, the land is spotted with tons of unusual rock formations. They’re the result of volcanic activity from more than eight million years ago.

Below ground, there are numerous tunnels and gun emplacements built by the New Zealand army.

Instead of paying to enter the tunnels we walked along one of the free paths.

We didn’t read the signs properly and ended up taking a two-hour stroll through some private property.

It was well worth any trouble we would have gotten into.

The views were amazing, the colours were vibrant and the animals were numerous.

Thankfully we only came across a curious cow instead of an angry landowner.

I’m hoping Fiji is this peaceful.


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