1 caravan + 2 Canadians = 30 memorable days

Wednesday, Dec 15

Matt and I officially live in a van.

It’s exactly what Matt had hoped for: a pink, purple and yellow camper with happy fish painted on the driver side.

My side has “attitude,” according to the guy working at the caravan shop. (The transmission and engine are nicknamed the “girlfriend warmer” because they’re under the passenger seat. So I don’t think it’s a fluke that the angry fish are on my side.)

We were a bit worried about having enough room in the van, but there’s a ton of storage space.

And the table in the middle dissembles into a bed.

There’s a sink, a cooler and a few shelves in the back that are stocked with plates, cutlery, pots and pans. There’s also one propane burner for us to cook our new favourite dinner: rice and chicken.

Since picking up Tuffery, we’ve been able to run errands without checking the local bus schedule. It’s been a luxury we had forgotten about.

We’ve also taken greater control over our trip.

We made it from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo in three hours – half the time we expected, giving us more time to enjoy New Zealand.

Lake Tekapo has been the perfect place to start our road trip.

The lake is a bright turqoise, comparable to Lake Louise in Alberta.

According to a local guide book at Lake Tekapo, the water colour is created when the sun hits the “rock flour” in the lake.

The “rock flour” is a fine dust created by the glaciers in the headwater grinding the rocks.

It provides the perfect backdrop for two days of camping.

Tomorrow morning we’re packing up camp and heading to Queenstown. Hopefully it only takes a few hours.


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