Eighth Wonder of the World

Saturday, Dec. 18

Since our last post, Matt and I had been hoping for a change in weather.

I’m not sure if we were specific enough.

Today we visited Milford Sound – one of the wettest places in the world and the wettest inhabitable area in New Zealand.

It gets about six metres of rain a year. The Amazon only receives three.

In Milford Sound, it rains 200 days of the year. We happened to visit on one of those days.

While it was wet, muggy and foggy, the area also lived up to its “Eighth Wonder of the World” title.

The overwhelming mountains, tropical trees and cascading waterfalls gave us a true rainforest experience.

The waterfalls in Milford Sound stretch upwards for thousands of metres. Some of them never even reach the bottom of the sound because they’re swept away by the wind.

We skipped our plan to kayak (both because of the weather and the outrageous price of rentals) and opted for a nature cruise around the inlet.

After touring the fiord, we drove to Te Anau.

Following the long, winding, mountainous drive, we decided to pay $16 each for a campsite (it’s been about five days since we had a place with a shower and kitchen, so we treated ourselves).

There, we had a long discussion about our trip.

We have our caravan until Jan. 14, but we’re a little stumped on what to do next. The plan was to stay in New Zealand with our one-year visas and work.

There are tons of great job opportunities out there, absolutely wonderful ones, but we’ve changed our minds – again.

We decided we’d rather take this time to travel and experience as much as possible, for as long as our money lasts.

And then come home (earlier than planned) to find jobs that we love and be closer to our friends and family.

The freedom we have on this trip, thanks to making it up as we go, has been great.

So here’s the new plan: South East Asia.

Matt and I are flying to Phuket, Thailand once we drop off our van.

That’s all we have so far. It’s time to hit Google.

So if anyone has any tips on places to visit, places to avoid, attractions to see, hikes to do, areas to scuba dive, what to eat, hostels to stay in, or airlines to fly with, it would be greatly appreciated.

Let the planning begin!


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