Sleepless nights

Sunday, Dec. 26

It’s been a rough two days.

Those drinking games definitely came back to haunt us on Christmas morning.

Long story short – we needed something greasy. The only thing open in New Zealand on Christmas day was a tiny Chinese restaurant that served burgers and chicken dishes.

As I waited for our ginger chicken, Matt and Devan cooked some rice behind the van.

We ate it in a parking lot, positioned between a gas station and some railway tracks. While it wasn’t the ideal Christmas, all we could do was laugh.

We drove for eight hours until we found a free campsite. Our Christmas dinner consisted of tomato soup, rice crackers and grilled cheese for the men.

We played Crazy Eights for about an hour – which I kicked butt at – and then hit the hay. It was the worst sleep of our lives.

Because we didn’t have a tent for Devan yet, we all tried to squish into the van.

Having three people sleep horizontally in a vehicle is never a good idea.

This morning we were all cranky, tired and cranky.

We bought a tent, groceries and a hammock before driving through the world’s scariest mountain pass.

This was even sketchier than the drive to Franz Joseph Glacier.

Every two minutes there was a switchback along the cliff edge. As a safety precaution, there were a few wooden posts with chicken wire acting as barriers.

We ended up at a campsite along Pohara Beach in the area of Golden Bay. It’s a beautiful spot and we’re excited to explore for the next few days.

But for now, we are looking forward to sleeping.

For $20 a night, per person, it better be the best sleep of our lives.


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