A Kiwi Christmas

Saturday, Dec. 25

Yesterday was Christmas Eve in New Zealand, but we celebrated Christmas instead.

While Devan was working his final shift at the pub (he’s going to be joining us on our van adventure for the next few weeks), Matt and I cooked a huge lamb leg, mashed potatoes and peas.

Naturally, it was accompanied by a box of wine and a case of beer.

After watching Devan open his Christmas gifts over Skype, and after scarfing down every scrap of food we made, the evening was packed with drinking games, Aerosmith sing alongs and laughter.

Luckily, Matt and I didn’t have to stumble too far at 4 a.m. as we’ve been sleeping in Devan’s driveway.

Looking back, our Kiwi Christmas was well worth the two-hour expedition to the nearest grocery store.

Since Franz Joseph is such a tiny town, its supermarket is the size of 7-11 and is incredibly over priced.

For Matt and I, it was the perfect excuse to get out of Franz Joseph.

So two days ago, we combined our grocery shopping adventure with some sight seeing.

We visited Paparoa National Park in Punakaiki to see its famous Pancake rocks and blow holes.

Over the years, the sea, wind and rain has transformed the limestone rocks into thin, jagged layers. The erosion has even created caves.

During high tide, when the waves surge into the caves, the pressure causes the water to shoot up and out in a huge explosion.

This was definitely a unique Kiwi Christmas.


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