Sunshine and rain

Thursday, Dec. 30

Pohara Beach is beautiful, no matter the weather.

We’ve been here, on the northern tip of the South Island, for about four days.

On one of the cloudy afternoons, we called Matt’s family during their annual Boxing Day celebration. With at least 40 people and one webcam, it was a crazy, emotional and wonderful experience.

We saw how big and beautiful Bennet and Atticus are getting, met baby Brynn for the first time and heard the exciting news that another family member is on the way.

It hit us hard to see what we’ve been missing, but we’re ecstatic that we were able to see everyone for the first time in months.

The next day, when we had collected our emotions, we hiked to Wainui Falls.

An overnight storm meant the waterfall was frothing, dirty and flooding the river’s edge. It was an awesome sight.

Yesterday we spent the day lazing on the most picturesque beach we’ve seen in New Zealand.

The turquoise water was calm, despite how quickly the tide rolled in. A long, curving white sand spit was cutting through the bay, while tons of tiny sand swirls were peaking through the shallow parts.

The area is part of Abel Tasman National Park, an extremely popular vacation spot.

And because it’s summer in New Zealand, all of the local campsites are packed.

And boy, do these Kiwis know how to camp.

After touring the site and peaking into a few private set ups, we’ve seen couches, fridges, cabinets, kitchen counters, microwaves, book shelves and huge beds. Most tents are large enough to have two bedrooms and a living room.

Nevertheless, we’re still content with our pink van and Canadian flag.


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