Crossed fingers

Wednesday, Jan. 12

Well, a few things have happened since our last post.

First, we took Matt’s cousin Devan to the Auckland airport. He’s making the trek back to Prince George after a few months in New Zealand.

Secondly, we booked our flights to Bali.

After almost seven weeks in New Zealand, we’re heading to South East Asia. As I mentioned in a blog post a few weeks back, Matt and I have decided to continue our backpacking adventure rather than setting up house in New Zealand.

Thirdly, we finally got my engagement ring back. We had the silver band redone as it was being held together by super glue.

And fourthly, I’ve been to the hospital and doctor’s office a few times about my stomach. It reached the point where Matt and I discussed coming home early and doing Asia another time.

At first I thought my stomach was just going through another one of its flare ups, but after two weeks of unbarable pain, I knew it was more than that.

Embarrassed, I went to the Emergency Room and then White Cross.

The doctor is testing me for Celiac (again) and Chrones, along with a few other things.

Another doctor we visited yesterday (for our travel vaccinations – we actually didn’t have to get any), diagnosed me with Giardia – a stomach parasite contracted by drinking dirty water. But she advised me not to take any prescriptions until my results come back.

It’s most likely that I drank some infected water on the South Island.

(When we were on Pohara Beach two weeks ago, an overnight storm flooded the water system, turning the water brown – something I didn’t notice until after drinking it.)

So now Matt and I have to hurry up and wait.

Our fingers are crossed that I will get my results before our Friday morning flight. And that I will have enough time to get a prescription filled.

Here’s to hoping.


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