Beautiful Bali

Monday, Jan 16.


I’m not sure what else to say.

I’ve seen pictures of Indonesia, and films about the area, but nothing compares to experiencing it in person.

An obvious comment – I know.

Somehow, Bali has blown my expectations out of the water, yet it’s exactly how I pictured it.

Yesterday’s venture from the airport to the hotel was a perfect introduction to the island.

We drove past young boys weaving baskets, children using the sidewalk as a toilet and families of four sharing one moped in heavy traffic.

Huge outlet stores for surf brands Quicksilver and Rip Curl lined one side of the street, while makeshift shacks selling coke, water and peanuts stood opposite.

Down every side road, a cow was either knee-deep in mud, tied to a poll or crossing the street.

Men and women were sharing the construction duties on new hotels – wheeling concrete, clearing trees and moving rubble.

Every housing compound boasted a spiritual statue, most overgrown with green algae or decorated with an orange flower necklace.

The rice paddies were all overflowing with water and dotted with scarecrows made of dirty shirts and bags.

There were numerous Indonesians, wearing those stereotypical cone-shaped straw-hats, bent over, tending to their crops.

Countless houses made of plywood boards, leaves and random materials (presumably, someone else’s garbage) were juxtaposed amongst the five-star villas.

Most hotels look the same: a modern, Ikea inspired building that still incorporates a Balinese touch. They all have sanctuaries, statues and dark wooden accents.

Our hotel is no different – it’s stunning.

Everything is painted a crisp white – including our outdoor bathroom. We have a real bed (not one that folds into a table during the day), a TV and a beautiful pool a few feet from our door.

We’ve spent most of yesterday and today relaxing, watching movies like The Terminator and Santa Clause 2.

We also suffered through a massage and a delicious dinner on the beach – two incredible luxuries that I don’t think we could afford anywhere else in the world.

Matt and I are beyond thankful to be here.

I have a feeling Asia is going to be the most rewarding portion of our trip.


1 thought on “Beautiful Bali

  1. this sounds just like China you guys!
    the massages are horrible, but you want them anyways because they are so cheap ahaha. I hope you’re having just a ridiculously good time!!

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