Surf’s up, bro

Saturday, Jan 21.

Today was Matt’s final surfing lesson in Kuta – Bali’s surf capital.

Kuta is the hotspot for big surf competitions and where gutsy tourists take a crack at the sport.

By the end of his lessons, Matt was riding five-footers. And he was throwing around lingo like “gnarly waves,” and “sick ride, bro.”

(Just kidding.)

Either way, it’s a good thing Matt enjoyed his lessons because Kuta is a gong show of a city.

People come here to party, shop and party some more.

Which is why we booked a nice resort, so we didn’t have to leave.

I think someone at the hotel was a Photoshop expert because the pictures looked nothing like where we stayed.

After receiving an “upgrade,” we were taken to the condemned part of the property.


It was boarded up, the lights were out and our path was blocked with dead palm trees and dirty mattresses.

We reached a high point when our windowless room filled with smoke.

The area was being sprayed for mosquitoes, but because we were the only people on that side of the property, I think they forgot we were in there.

Thankfully, someone fixed our TV on day two so we could watch Fast and the Furious and American Idol.

I guess Kuta wasn’t that bad.


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