Hatha, banana

Saturday, Jan. 22

Yoga and monkeys – only in Ubud could you experience both in one day.

Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali. We arrived here yesterday and will be staying for about a week.

This morning I dove straight into its yoga-loving ways by attending a Hatha Class at the Yoga Barn.

It was beautiful.

The classroom looked like a tree house, overlooking some rice fields and palm trees.

Everything was perfect – we had a nice breeze flowing through and there was a group of school children playing in the distance – but I just couldn’t concentrate.

I had that stupid Ludacris song from 1990-something in my head: “Move bitch get out the way.”

Why? I have no idea. I haven’t heard that song since forever.

Yet, the chorus was repeating in my head, as the entire class was humming, “ohmmmm.”

Then, as the teacher started talking about balancing our left and right side, I pictured myself standing on a teeter-totter in a trailer park in Harrison Hot Springs.

Of course, in my mind, I feel off of it.

Besides that, the class was great.

At one point a butterfly fluttered above my face and a bird sang so loud that the instructor was completely drowned out.

And at the end of class, when I opened my eyes, a Buddha statue wearing an orange lay necklace reminded me I was in Bali.

After my peaceful morning, Matt and I headed to the Monkey forest.

It was wild.

There were about 300 monkeys roaming free on what looked like the set of Indiana Jones.

People were feeding them bananas and coconuts.

There were tons of kids that had monkeys crawling on their heads. Some of those kids were laughing, others were crying.

Matt and I stood back and observed – we didn’t have time to get our rabies shots before visiting Bali.

Thankfully Matt contained himself and only mildly angered two monkeys, so we were even more thankful for our surreal day in Bali.


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