Living the dream

Thursday, Feb. 3

Today was one of those days where Matt and I had to laugh to keep from crying.

This week we’ve been suffering from some major food poisoning. I think it caused us to lose a day.

We woke up this morning thinking we’d lounge on the beach, browse through some shops and pack for tomorrow’s flight to Chiang Mai.

Wrong. Our flight was today.

In a mad dash, Matt packed our bags and got us to the ferry terminal in less than 30 minutes.

We caught the boat just in time.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t use our prepaid tickets as they were scheduled for tomorrow, so we had to pay again.

And when we made it to the other side, we had to pay for another airport connection as well.

But instead of someone telling us our airport transfer wasn’t usable, the staff kept reassuring us that our ride was on its way.

After over an hour of waiting, we found out that wasn’t true.

In the meantime, our stomachs were flipping and flopping. And there was no toilet paper in sight.

Let’s just say, on this trip Matt and I have learned the meanings of a few popular clichés. This one being, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Our taxi driver was a young man who didn’t speak a word of English.

Almost immediately after loading us into his practically broken down car, we were speeding down a back alley.

Matt and I threw each other the exact same look: “Where is this guy taking us?”

My mind was racing.

I was thinking he was going to drive us to a remote place and mug us.

Or take us into the jungle where we would meet a group of men with guns who would mug us. (Someone told us a story about that at our last hostel.)

But then I started thinking how it would make a neat article. And I hoped I would be able to take a few pictures without the camera being stolen.

(I also wondered where the Canadian embassy was – so I did have a partially responsible thought.)

Meantime, Matt was frantically looking for a sharp object in the car to use as a weapon. And wondering how we’d book a flight home with no credit cards.

Miraculously, we made it to the airport in one piece.

After checking our bags, we headed to Burger King – we were too afraid to eat any more Thai food.

I had to hold my napkin over my mouth with every bite because I thought I was going to be sick.

Over chicken fingers and fries, Matt and I tried our hardest to laugh it off.

We laughed about all of the struggles we’ve been through so we could see some beautiful places and experience foreign cultures.

And then we started talking about home.

About preparing a fresh salad, shopping at Fraser Valley Meats, eating delicious sushi and walking along the Vedder River.

We salivated at the thought of having our own car to run simple errands, the luxury of not having to wear sandals in the shower and how wonderful it’s going to be when our families prepare us home cooked meals (hint, hint).

Travelling is worth it. Don’t get me wrong.

But sometimes, it’s a difficult journey to live the dream.


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