Fragrant, fancy flowers

Saturday, Feb. 5

Travelling involves a few risks.

And today Matt and I took a major one. We left our hotel for about an hour while still sick with food poisoning.

Luckily, we had some great timing.

We wandered out into the main street during the biggest parade we’ve ever witnessed.

It was the 35th annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival.

There were dancers, marching bands and beauty queens.

The numerous floats featured sculptures of temples and animals, created with an endless amount of flowers.

Chiang Mai, also known as the Rose of the North, is home to thousands of unique blossoms which were showcased at the event.

After our quick sightseeing experience, we curled up in bed with some great movies – I think it’s fair to say we watched at least 20 flicks in the past three days.

Thank goodness we’re staying in a nice place.

I booked this four-star hotel in advance thinking we’d need a bit of luxury before heading to the elephant sanctuary.

I never could have guessed how much we’d appreciate it.

Hopefully this royal treatment helps us feel better for our next endeavour.


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