Changing seasons overnight

Thursday, Feb. 17

Matt and I finally made it to Vietnam – after being turned away from our flight on Monday.

We didn’t realize you needed a visa to get into the country. Duh.

In our defense, we haven’t needed to process a visa before landing in a new country on this entire trip.

We’ve been able to apply for them on the plane or at the airport.

Thankfully, the flight attendant was nice enough to switch our flights, free of charge.

Our hotel even bumped our dates, too.

So we had another day to relax in the 36 degree, Cambodian weather.

We probably should have soaked it in a bit more.

It’s 10 degrees in Hanoi, Vietnam and we’re freezing.

We’ve bought toques, earmuffs and gloves.

It’s a difficult shift, jumping from summer to winter in a few short hours.

So far, Hanoi is incredibly busy, loud and smoggy.

The buildings are all terraced, like in Europe.

The skinny, tall businesses make for a squished city.

In the centre is a large lake, lined with benches, art and trees.

Despite the scenery, I wouldn’t consider it a good place to relax – every car and moped is constantly honking its horn.

Tonight are taking an overnight train to Sapa, a town in the mountains.

We’re hoping to experience some traditional Vietnamese culture and maybe even some good weather.


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