The plan

After a year of hard work and saving (a.k.a. being incredibly cheap) it’s finally time to put our plan of world travel into action. At 23-years-old, we have decided to leave our jobs as a carpenter and a journalist, our loving family and friends and a comfortable home.

We have no time limit, no return ticket and no definite plans. Our general thoughts are to travel through Europe for about three months, head to New Zealand, work, save, and keep on going.

We will book our trip as we go, following advice from other backpackers and our gut instincts. Of course, it will all depend on the money – which we hope never runs out.


1 thought on “The plan

  1. you guys! I miss you 2 so incredibly much. I can’t believe that you’ve only been gone for such a short time and it feels like forever. I don’t know how I’ll make it through a whole year or more. I’ll just have to fly on over there and meet up with you guys.
    Travel smart, bicker infrequently and kiss more frequently and just remember that these are the times you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Not how much a hostel cost, or how much it was to eat a fancy dinner by the sea, but how you both lost your minds and your dignity in the GREAT WIDE WORLD and it was the best decision you’ve ever made!

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